What I Listen To

A short post about me realizing that I spend about an hour a day walking, and the attempts of making it somehow productive.

You can listen to these on your favorite podcast app, I use RadioPublic because it’s free and you don’t need an account. It also does OPML import/export.

Without further ado:

  • 99% Invisible – what I started with, probably one of the most popular podcasts. Every week they tackle relatively unknown but prevalent subjects in (predominantly) American history. A few examples:
    • R.E.M. helping push the Motor Voter Act by including a petition on the back of the longbox of their Out of Time album, encouraging fans to fill and mail them.
    • Henry Ford’s unsuccessful attempt to establish a rubber producing colony in Brazil.
    • A small airport in Canada, used as a refueling stop for WWII planes and commercial jets up until the late 1960s. Fidel Castro stopped by and went sledding there. After the closing of American airspace due to the events of September 11, 2001, thirty-eight planes were redirected there, adding up to nearly 7000 people.
  • Stuff You Should Know – presented by two funny guys, this is more chatty than informative, making it for an easy listen
  • The End of the World with Josh Clark – a recent 10-part podcast about existential risks, presented by one of the hosts of SYSK
  • Medieval Death Trip – self-described as “a podcast exploring the wit and weirdness of medieval history”; each episode, host Patrick Lane reads and comments on a text of medieval provenience. giving valuable insight
  • Everything is Alive – host Ian Chillag hosts interviews with various personalities; the twist is that they are all inanimate objects, e.g. soap, can of cola, lamp; interwoven with real information, this is a really funny and thoughtful listen
  • Revisionist History – podcast hosted by famous author Malcolm Gladwell, exploring all kinds of topics, containing the catchiness he is known for; he recently started a new podcast about music, called Broken Record
  • A24 Podcast – if you, like me, are geeking out about cool movies and actors and all that stuff, this is a podcast you shouldn’t miss
  • Sleep With Me – don’t remember anything about this podcast, I just know that whenever I can’t sleep I put on an episode of this and get bored out of my mind, eventually falling asleep
  • Wolverine: The Long Night – Marvel’s first foray into podcasts, this 10-part story was a nice way to maybe jumpstart a Marvel Audio Universe. Quick summary: FBI agents arrive in an Alaska town to find various weird things happening. Logan’s also there. Look out for Richard Armitage as Wolverine.

Now for some podcasts that I plan on starting but didn’t have time to do so yet, these are mainly fiction podcasts. I’m just gonna leave links to them and probably come up with descriptions once I give them a listen:

If you’re not keen on listening or you prefer reading, there’s a high chance you can find transcripts of these somewhere on the internet.


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