Back Home

So. Two weeks and a couple kilos of tea later, I’m home. Don’t know if it’s a rule or anything but the return flight was ten times more tiring than the one to Beijing. At least I watched a bunch of films on the plane, I even found some arthouse stuff like Koreeda’s The Third Murder there—ahem, Palme d’Or Winner Koreeda—to be more precise.

I watched some Hollywood flicks, as I wanted to let my brain take a break. Being back home is weird, even though I was away for only two weeks I found it hard to adjust. Of course I gladly welcomed the taste of bread and potatoes, but I feel like something’s missing.

It’s gonna take me a while to get back into my habits, I haven’t opened a book in more than two weeks and Kratos is still waiting for me to get back in the game (I told him I’ll get back to him once I return from my business trip, he wasn’t too happy).

As for… you know, useful activities, I really should get back on that Machine Learning course AND my Safari Books queue, China put me two weeks behind of schedule. Also, for some unknown reason the Raspberry Pi on which I ran the SOCKS proxy I used in China corrupted my SD card, and as always I can’t find a microSD to SD adapter to reflash the operating system. It’s the second time it corrupted a memory card, I have a hunch that it might be because of undervoltage, since I was giving it power from a USB port on my router. It was funny to remote to my PC desktop at home from work in China. Even funnier were my attempts to install a SOCKS proxy server on Windows. It took me only two hours, surprisingly, and it worked really well.

College can’t seem to be capable of leaving me alone, but one more month and it should end. It’s a funny feeling, knowing that my greatest stress for 15 years will finally end. What will pick on my sanity after that?

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2018-05-29 22:13 +0300